photo credit: John Austin

Spokane Smart Scape is a program designed to help you save water in your yard by providing information about low water use landscaping. It is possible to lower your water use, save on your monthly water bills, and create a lush, useable landscape in our semi-dry climate using smart landscaping plans and drought tolerant plants.

Smart Scape Benefits

There are many benefits to landscaping your yard using our smart-scape techniques:

  • Lower your water use by eliminating unnecessary turf, more efficient irrigation techniques, and using drought tolerant plants.
  • Lower your water bills
  • Create a more usable and pleasing landscape that fits your families needs
  • Smartscaping looks good, even with less water. When drought conditions arise as they occasionally do, you can follow potential water restrictions and have a great looking yard at the same time!
  • Conservation of water not only helps our water resource,
    • it reduces pollution by using less pesticides and fertilizers,
    • it saves energy,
    • it ensures future water supply.